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AP Bands

AP Bands Strap and Tool Carrying Storage Case In Carbon Fiber


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AP Bands proudly introduces our custom design Strap and Tool Carrying/Storage Case.

This case is built with beauty and function.

There are 5 slots to fit any of our straps in. This will work for other straps as well.

These cases come with our AP Bands Conversion Kit Packaging so you can put all your springbars, bar and caps, loctite, buckles, etc safely inside.

Additionally there are 3 slots for screwdrivers and other tools.

It's a compact case which makes it easy to travel with.

This version is in Carbon Fiber.

These are hand made in Italy.

All of the hides used for AP Bands products are legal and sanctioned through the appropriate authorities. We are also certified by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

The case dimensions are:
8 1/4 (closed) 18 (open)Length x 7 1/2 Height x 2 Width in inches

The caes can acomodate up to 160mm length straps

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