Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of the United States?
YES, AP Bands ships worldwide and have clients all over the world who have done business with us. Depending on where you reside you will see different shipping options to your country.

AP Bands is not responsible for taxes/duties you may incur.

What is your Custom Strap Policy?
AP Bands Custom Strap Policy Currently manufacturing time is approximately 7-8 weeks. In some cases it may be as fast as 4 weeks. Payment is required in advance and once your order is placed you cannot cancel or revise your order. Refunds are only available due to manufacturing defects. If you would like to order one of these premium custom made straps or need more info please email or call to discuss.

What do you mean by "Don't settle for the competitions PAINTED EDGES"?
There are some competitors out there using painted edges on their straps for Audemars Piguet watches. We chose to take the more expensive route and turn edge the straps just like the factory does. This requires more skill and material but in the end looks better and will last longer. Painted edges tend to crack and your strap will not look as good in the future. We want to bring the highest quality product to you the customer so we chose this method.

Do your AP Bands and straps fit just like OEM?
Yes. Our AP Bands line of straps fit exactly like OEM. There are no gaps or alignment issues. They are a perfect fit.

Are your AP Bands and straps reinforced like OEM?
Yes. We think our reinforcement is better. Too many times we have seen customers of Audemars Piguet watches with their precious OEM straps torn where the metal retainer is. We have engineered a special composite that is flexible enough where it will NOT tear your strap but durable enough where it will not crack.

Do you offer different sizes? I have a very small wrist.
Yes. We offer a short, regular and long version of all our straps.
The short version is the standard length of 105mm x 70mm however an extra hole is punched to accommodate a wrist as small as 5.25 inches. In some cases we do have a short version which can be 90mm x 55mm, 105mm x 60mm, etc.

The regular version for the 42mm Offshore is the standard length of 105mm x 70mm.
The long version for the 42mm Offshore is 120mm x 80mm.

The regular version for the 39/41mm Royal Oak is the standard length of 105mm x 70mm.
The long version for the 39/41mm Royal Oak is 120/80mm

The short version for the 44mm Offshore is 115mm x 60mm.
The regular version for the 44mm Offshore is 115mm x 75mm.

Can I use AP Bands straps with the OEM deployant buckle?
Yes. We created our bands to accept the OEM deployant buckles.

Can I use AP Bands buckles on my OEM strap?
Yes. We created our buckles to fit perfectly on the OEM Audemars Piguet Strap.

I have a Titanium Royal Oak Offshore. Can I use your conversion kit on this watch even though Titanium is darker than steel?
Yes. Our conversion kit pieces work well with both the steel and titanium version of the Royal Oak Offshore. We have images under customer images to show the look on both steel and titanium.

From the time I place my order how long will it take to get my products?
We ship normally within 1-2 business day of your order. Depending on your location and chosen method of shipping it may take up to 15 days.